Top gamblers in the world

top gamblers in the worldtop gamblers in the world

Being an athlete means being competitive. Gambling is not that far behind the thrill of a stadium. We collected the ten biggest gamblers in sports for you. Gamblers walk in to the casinos and most of them think they will make huge money tonight. Well, most of them lose their money as all the casino games are designed with high payouts; suffice to attract their visitors but a large house edge that always give casinos an upper hand. The Top 10 Gambling Nations in the World. Posted on October 21, 2014 by admin - No Comments. Sitting down to gamble is a fun, sometimes even thrilling, hobby. 10 Gamblers Who Beat The Casino^10 Gamblers Who Beat The Casino^Everyone who walks through the doors of a casino is in an optimistic state of mind. The promise that they can walk out a winner is exhilarating and they convince themselves that they can do so. However, most gamblers walk out losers since every game is mathematically. So, how was the game last night? Were the cards good? Did you get to hit a mega win that is swelling you up with pride? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got there yet – there is no rush. Not all gamblers are created equal. A small number of them, a very small number, some say between 150 to 500 in the whole wide world, are so special that casinos everywhere go out of their way to entice them to their doors. When these people step out of their chauffeur-driven limousines and stroll Historically, gamblers haven’t all been deadbeats, outlaws, criminals and derelicts nor are they today. In this day and age, more and more people of all walks of life are gambling as both a form of entertainment and as a way to make fast, easy cash. Information on some of the most famous gamblers in history. We look at the big winners, the big losers, the cheats, top poker players and successful card counters. Welcome to The Worlds Greatest Gamblers! This website will list and profile the world's best gamblers. The guys and girls who have made millions betting, from computer-programming horse-racing geniuses to the best poker players in the world. Daily chart The world’s biggest gamblers. Australia was the first country to deregulate gambling, and it shows